A toe outside the comfort zone…

I have been dallying for a very long time about starting a blog about metal art and my somewhat compulsive need to be creative. In the past  I have been really successful at finding an excuse not to do it…too busy, too tired,  blah blah blah… However, finding myself currently only a  part time employee in the “real world” made me think that maybe the time is right to inch my big toe ever so slightly over the comfort zone dividing line…

About elitiahartmetalart

I am a traveling Metal Art teacher and a compulsive craft explorer. My home studio occasionally serves as a dining room but according to my husband not enough dinners are served here...
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2 Responses to A toe outside the comfort zone…

  1. Deb says:

    So very happy you have I love and admire your work at Paper Pastimes every time I see Carole….thanks for sharing your written words..now on with some videos….

  2. Janet Catmull says:

    I’m a fellow metal embossing lover, and want to encourage you to keep posting and teaching so we can all enjoy your beautiful work!

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